Arcane - this a special item.

It must be inserted in the Emputy slots on the item.

After Arcane inserted in the item, the item receives stats from the Arcane. 

After Arcane insertion into the item, arcane will destroyed

How to create ArcaneEdit

Please note, you must be familiar with article How to use stats

To create a Arcane, you need:

1. Take the any item in main hand that you want to change

2. Use commands:

/itemizer name &e&lArcane

Screenshot 60

Next, you need add any Stats, using article How to use stats 

Arcane type

Arcana type - determines in which items can be placed Arcane

You can set the type of Arcane

Customize the type of Arcane, you can in file Arcane.yml

Screenshot 73