You can create unique potions, with a variety of effects

You can add a lot of effects in 1 Potion

Potions typesEdit

Potion of Power - '&6Power'

Potion of Mana - '&3Mana'

Potion of Health - '&cHealth'

Potion of Experience - '&aExperience'

Potion of Levels - '&2Levels'

Potion of Points for stats - '&bPoints for stats'

How to createEdit

Please note, you must be familiar with article How to use stats

To create a Potion, you need:

1. Take the Potion in main hand

Screenshot 265

2. Set the effect using commands:

/itemizer lore add <effect>: <values>


&6Power: +150

&3Mana: +300

&cHealth: +24

&aExperience: +500

&2Level: +2

&bPoints for stats: +10

Screenshot 333
Screenshot 334
Screenshot 335
Screenshot 336
Screenshot 337
Screenshot 543
Screenshot 339